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Eyelash Extensions – Bondi

At Brow Artistry HQ in Bondi, our signature Eyelash Extensions services are performed by expert beautician Isabella. This is our signature service and we’re certain that you will have an amazing experience. Check out our offerings and pricing below. Book an appointment today with us in Bondi.

Natural Set


Natural Fill (Before 2 Weeks)


Natural Fill (Before 3 Weeks)


Natural Fill (Before 4 Weeks)


Glam Set (Silk/Mink)


Glam Infill (Before 2 Weeks)


Glam Infill (Before 3 Weeks)


Glam Infill (Before 4 Weeks)


3D Volume Natural Set


3D Volume Full Set


3D Natural Fill (2 Weeks)


3D Natural Fill (3 Weeks)


3D Full Infill (2 Weeks)


3D Full Set Infill (3 Weeks)


Eyelash Extensions - Removal


Corner Only


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