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Our Services

Skin Tightening/Resurfacing

Semi Permanent Makeup


Microblading (Feather Brow)

Eyelash Extensions & Lift/Perming

Eyebrow Services

Facial Treatments

Treat your skin with Venus Viva 

Visible Results

Low Downtime

Safe & Effective

Wrinkles & fine lines

Uneven Skin Texture

Acne Scarring

Enlarged Pores

Stretch Marks 












Skin Resurfacing & Tightening 

Reduce signs of skin damage and improve the appearance of uneven skin texture, no matter how fair or dark your skin tone. With just a couple of quick skin resurfacing sessions, you'll notice a naturally smoother, more radiant, and healthier looking complexion that lasts. 

Venus Viva also includes (MP) technology to reduce wrinkles and give you firmer looking skin.

How It Works

Venus Viva uses NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) to deliver energy to the skin through multiple small electrode -pins. The energy heats and evaporates tiny columns of the skin, creating micro-channels surrounded by healthy tissue. The impact looks like pin-pricks to the naked eye. Natural healing responses then stimulate the fibroblasts and rebuild an accumulation of collagen. The result is reduced skin damage and a more even-looking complexion, with low downtime. 

What To Expect

The number of sessions depends on the individual. For skin resurfacing, typically 3-4 sessions are recommended, 4-6 weeks apart. For wrinkle reduction, 6-8 treatments may be required, 1 week apart. 

Short and Rapid recovery

After skin resurfacing, you will experience mild redness. You can resume wearing sun protection and make-up 24 hours after treatment. 

Wrinkle reduction treatments are warm and relaxing. When the treatment is complete, get back to your day with no downtime. 

Safe For All Skin Types

Both the (resurfacing and tightening) with the Venus Viva treatments use technology that is safe for all skin tones, even darker ones.



Skin Tightening MP2 RF (1 session)

6-8 treatments may be required, 1 week apart.

EYES - $79


FACE & NECK - $250

FULL NECK - $150




HANDS - $200

Skin Rejuvenation with NanoFractional RF (1 session)

 Typically 3-4 sessions are recommended, 4-6 weeks apart.

FULL FACE - $700

HALF FACE - $500

NECK - $500






HANDS - $400 


For more info on Venus Viva;



Semi-Permanent Make-up

Have you always wanted to have beautiful symmetrical brows or perfect full lips and eyeliner that doesn't need to be re-applied daily? The best solution for this is a cosmetic tattoo.

Isabella Katan is a 'Semi-Permanent Makeup' specialist and has already pleased the likes of her loyal clientele. The end result is quite subtle and enhances one's beauty in a very natural way. The colour and design are fully discussed thoroughly in your consultation to ensure you'll be completely satisfied with your results. Isabella specialises in Eyebrow Microblade Feathering, full or partial, Ombre Powder Wash Brows, Lip Blush, Lip Liner, and Blend, Eyeliner with or without wings, and Inner Eyeliner which is placed within the lash line (lash enhancement). 

Correction to previous cosmetic tattoo colour and the design is also her specialty.

Bookings essential; walk-ins may be accepted for salon services.
Clients must be 18 years or older to undergo the procedure.​



You will receive an obligation FREE 20 minute consultations for Semi Permanent Makeup treatments. I will work with you to create the look you've been dreaming of. I will discuss with you the full procedure and aftercare as well as answer any questions you may have about the treatment.

A $100 deposit goes towards your Semi Permanent Makeup appointment is not refundable but will be put towards the price of your service. Please make sure to book a consultation first, prior to going ahead.


FEATHER STROKE MICRO BLADING - 120 min x 2 sessions - $795

2 sessions in total are included. (First session valued at $500 and follow up (4 to 6 weeks time ) valued at $295).

REFRESH/TOUCH UP - 105 min - $295 


Recommended at 12 to 18 months. 



Ideal for gaps, outer corners, or whenever only a partial tattoo is required. This includes a 20 minute consultation  (valued at $100). Lasts approximately 2 years depending on the depth of the colour and maintenance. 

EYEBROW  ENHANCE - 105 mins - $195 


For adjustments to your eyebrow tattoo style.

OMBRÉ POWDER WASH BROWS - 140 min - $795 (save $345) 

For soft natural brow shading (looks like makeup brow shadow). The first session is valued at $500,  this includes a 20 minute consultation  (valued at $100) and 2 touch-ups within 6 to 12 weeks time, (valued at $295 ea). Lasts approximately 3 years depending on the depth of the colour and aftercare. 

EYELINER - 90 min - $650 - Includes a touch up in 4 to 12 weeks.


Semi-permanent eyeliner with or without wings. Add under eyelash enhancement for an additional $80. This includes a 20 minute consultation  (valued at $100). Lasts 2 to 4 years.

Eyelash Enhancement - 75 min - $590 - Includes a touch up in 4 to 12 weeks.


The Lash Enhancement Tattoo creates a darker lash line to give the illusion of fuller lashes. It can be done thick or thin and in black or dark brown. I can last up to 6 years! Numbing is provided for this service and we apply it 20 mins before starting the procedure. . Lasts up to 6 years.

FULL LIP BLUSH - 2hrs 15mins - $750 - Includes 1 touch-up in 4 to 12 weeks.


The lip blush tattoo is created using a colour to match your skin tone and to suit your requirements. This includes a 20-minute consultation  (valued at $100). The end result is natural beautiful lips that only need a colour free gloss.  Lasts up to 2 years.

LIP LINER - 90 min - $490 - Includes up to 1 touch-up in 4 to 12 weeks.


The lip liner tattoo allows you to correct the symmetry of your lips. This includes a 20-minute consultation  (valued at $100).The colour is customised to your requirements. Lasts up to 2 years.


  • Not suitable for diabetic, pregnant, or breastfeeding customers.

  • Not suitable for those on Roaccutane for the last 6 months.

  • Not suitable if dermatitis, if on blood thinning medication, keloid scars or abnormal wound healing is in the area to be treated.

Pre-Appointment Prep:

The procedure time is 1.5 hrs including the numbing and consultation in the salon. If you apply your own numbing, 20 minutes prior to arriving at the salon. Please exfoliate the area to be tattooed and apply numbing cream and place glad wrap or plastic dressing over it.

Please note: your appointment time includes numbing prior to the treatment.


If you have further questions prior to booking contact Isabella: 0401878675.


  1. In order to ensure the best numbing effect, don't drink alcohol or milk 24 hrs before tattooing.

  2. Wash your hair that morning - because you can't get your healing tattoo wet for 7 days. 

  3. Invest in dry shampoo - it will become your best friend.

  4. If you are getting your lips done you will need to take a cold sore preventive treatment for a week prior. Even if you have never had a cold sore outbreak, the virus may be lying dormant in your system and if so, tattooing lips can bring it out.

  5. Try not to take fish oil for a few days prior as it thins your blood which can tend to push out the pigment.

  6. Take a Panadol prior to coming if you are concerned about pain. Just don’t take Nurofen or anything with ibuprofen in it as it acts as a blood thinner and will cause excessive bleeding.  

  7. You don't need to wear makeup to your appointment, as it will be removed at the site of the treatment.

  8. If you have some idea about the look you want - ie. thick, thin, natural, bold, etc this will help but ultimately the artist should be able to design something that will suit your face and that you both agree on.

  9. Isabella can pluck/wax strays in addition to your eyebrow tattoo service. Please advise prior to booking your appointment so she can add some extra time for you. 

  10. Relax! It's not actually as scary as you might think. I even have people fall asleep during the procedure!



From $65

Isabella is a qualified Lash Technician at Brow Artistry HQ. She creates beautiful customised Lash Extensions to her growing client list on a daily basis. Try Isabella's feather touch and totally relaxing service to her lash extensions services. You'll love the compliments you'll receive at how natural and gorgeous your eyelashes look. 

All the products are sourced from reputable Australian beauty suppliers to ensure our products and services are the best in Sydney.

We stock a large range of lashes in Premium Silk & Faux Mink.

Our glue has minimal irritation on eyes and is non clumping.

Each lashes are applied individually and the curl, thickness, and length are carefully selected to ensure the lasting quality, look and feel that you require. 

You will enjoy the lightweight, clean, and natural look of eyelash extensions and the prep time you'll save daily!

Infills are recommended at 2 to 3 weeks time. Consultations are included with your service.

After Care Advice:

Do not wet lashes for 48 hours after the service.

Do not exercise, use hot sauna's or do hot yoga.

Always use oil-free products around the eye area.

Keep hair out of your eyes to minimise any movement in the 48 hour period.

Do not excessively rub your eyes.



Lash lift only $95 with Tint $105


A lash lift is recommended to clients who would like their lashes to curl up from the root without using a lash curler. The lash lift service takes 30 mins and lasts up to 12 weeks. A complimentary hand massage is also included. "A Very relaxing experience"!


From $30

We use quality products made of vegetable colours and the application is so clean that you won't be feeling any discomfort at all (especially during eyelash tinting).



Brow Signature Service (includes brow tint, not henna or hybrid) - $70

Brow Express Services (tidy with hot wax and tweezing) - $50

Hennna/Hybrid Brows - $70

Henna/Hybrid Colour - $35

Brow Tint - $25

Our Brow Signature Service invites you to a complete brow shaping experience which allows you to see how your eyebrows should be shaped to fit with your facial features and gives them the correct colour, alignment, and symmetry. The colour, shape, and design will be discussed with you to ensure you get the best & most admirable results.

Our Signature & Brow Tidy services include a customised colour to match the roots of your hair. This helps to create fuller even toned eyebrows.

We recommend the Brow Signature service followed by a Brow Express Service in three to four weeks time.

We use soft gentle hot wax only on our expert brow services and no strip wax. This ensure a very gentle experience (more gentle than threading). We apply wax 3 mm away from the eyebrows and shaping is done with tweezers. If you are sensitive to wax, please mention it during the service and we will tweeze only.



From $99 (45 min)

In-Clinic Professional Skin Treatments (Ladies & Gents)

Corrective skin treatments start in-clinic with treatment results maintained at home. PRO DERMAL PLANNING SERIES  offers booster treatments based on medical strength actives that work skin deep returning normal skin function and cell optimisation. A course of treatments once a week for 6 - 8 weeks is normally sufficient to change the cells' behavior and a monthly maintenance treatment thereafter keeps them on track.

PDP corrective salon treatments are between 45 - 90 minutes and include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, customised peel.  Our 90 min heavenly treatment includes the alginate rubber mask. The alginate mask infuses anti-inflammatory and super hydrating ingredients deeply into the skin.

Our PEELS consist of:


Pomegranate Enzyme Peel: The ideal entry-level peel for all skin types including sensitive skins.

Pumpkin Enzyme & Fruit Acid Peel: An effective yet gentle peel for all skins especially sun-damaged, aging, and uneven skin tone.

Catalyst Retinol Peel: A Vitamin A, B3, and AHA skin correction treatment for most skins.

Oxygenating Enzyme Peel: Natural fruit peel with Papaya, Pumpkin, and Pomegranate Enzymes in one offers intense oxygenation and skin pick me up.

Bio-White Peptide Peel: A high strength Vitamin C and Peptide peel especially for pigmented, dull, and uneven skin tones.

Isabella Katan (Founder of Brow Artistry HQ)

Qualified Cosmetic Tattooist, Eyelash Technician, and Dermal Therapist.

Semi Permanent Makeup and Microblading
Eyelash Extensions & Lift/Perming
Eyebrow Services
Facial Treatments
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Viva wrinkle removal_edited.jpg


Isabella is 'genius' when it comes to cosmetic tattooing. I've had my eyebrow, lip and eyeliner tattooed. The numbing cream was fantastic and Isabella provided me with so much info and comfort. I'm very happy with the results and will be back for my touch up's in the near future!

I started seeing Isabella for my lashes and brows a few years back. She does such a great job that now my eyebrows are now looking fuller and symmetrical. The lift and tint also leaves you feeling well pampered & lasts me 8 weeks!! My lashes look  amazing!!

Isabella's lash extensions are amazing! Totally great quality and so light, I'm already in love with having them! The application was easy and Isabella made me feel really comfortable. I will definitely be returning!!

Paris B, Arts Student

Karen Mitchell, Actor

Dana Patten, Copywriter/ Editor


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